*** Hinderwell Weather Monitor ***

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14:13 4 December 2021



Current Temperature = 5°C
Pressure = 987 mb
Trend = Falling
Wind Speed = 13 mph
Wind Direction = WNW
Humidity = 93.3%
Temperature at SAMOS = 4.2°C
Visibility is 75000 Meters
Max Time MinTimeAverage
Yesterday 7.2°C 13:00 1.9°C 03:00
All Time 32.9°C 11:00 Thursday 18th July 2019 -4.3°C 00:00 Thursday 1st March 2018 10.1°C
2017 Incomplete 20.5°C 15:00 Friday 13th October 2017 -1.5°C 22:00 Saturday 9th December 2017 8.1°C
2018 29.3°C 04:00 Tuesday 24th July 2018 -4.3°C 00:00 Thursday 1st March 2018 9.9°C
2019 32.9°C 11:00 Thursday 18th July 2019 -3.9°C 03:00 Thursday 31st January 2019 10.5°C
2020 28.8°C 17:00 Friday 7th August 2020 -1°C 21:00 Wednesday 30th December 2020 10.4°C
2021 So far 31.4°C 09:00 Saturday 17th July 2021 -2.7°C 07:00 Saturday 13th February 2021 10.4°C

Becoming cloudy, windy with outbreaks of locally heavy rain. Cold.

Many places dry at first with sunny spells, but cloud and outbreaks of locally heavy rain will spread east this morning, turning to sleet or snow over high ground. Becoming windy later, with coastal gales likely. Feeling cold everywhere. Maximum Temperature 5C.

Windy, cloudy with spells of occasionally heavy rain, turning to sleet or snow over high ground and leading to some accumulations. Gales will persist along the coast. Minimum Temperature 0C.

Areas of heavy rain are likely at first, with hill sleet or snow, these gradually dying away to leave cloudy conditions with scattered coastal showers. Winds slowly easing. Feeling cold. Maximum Temperature 8C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Monday or Tuesday windy at times with bands of rain and strong winds tracking east, preceded by some snow. Drier Wednesday but potentially very windy, Rather cold, some overnight frosts.