*** Hinderwell Weather Monitor ***

     *** V3.1 Copyright 2018 ***    

12:25 9 February 2023



Current Temperature = 8.1°C
Pressure = 1028 mb
Trend = Rising
Wind Speed = 19 mph
Gusting at = 29 mph
Wind Direction = WSW
Humidity = 65.1%
Temperature at SAMOS = 7.4°C
Visibility is 35000 Meters
Max Time MinTimeAverage
Yesterday 7.9°C 15:00 3.8°C 02:00
All Time 85°C 07:00 Friday 16th December 2022 -4.3°C 00:00 Thursday 1st March 2018 12.8°C
2017 Incomplete 20.5°C 15:00 Friday 13th October 2017 -1.5°C 22:00 Saturday 9th December 2017 8.1°C
2018 29.3°C 04:00 Tuesday 24th July 2018 -4.3°C 00:00 Thursday 1st March 2018 9.9°C
2019 32.9°C 11:00 Thursday 18th July 2019 -3.9°C 03:00 Thursday 31st January 2019 10.5°C
2020 28.8°C 17:00 Friday 7th August 2020 -1°C 21:00 Wednesday 30th December 2020 10.4°C
2021 31.4°C 09:00 Saturday 17th July 2021 -2.7°C 07:00 Saturday 13th February 2021 10°C
2022 So far 85°C 07:00 Friday 16th December 2022 -1.4°C 08:00 Friday 16th December 2022 24.5°C

Sunshine this morning, more cloud this afternoon.

After a fine and sunny start, cloud will increase from the west. Perhaps with the odd spot of light rain in the west, wintry over the hills. Breezy. Maximum Temperature 8C.

Cloudy and breezy overnight with some fog and the odd spot of rain over western hills. Rain a little more persistent over the hills by dawn. Minimum Temperature 0C.

Cloudy and windy with further periods of rain, especially over western hills. Parts of the sheltered east staying dry and perhaps bright at times. Maximum Temperature 10C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:
Saturday, cloudy and windy with a risk of light rain further west. Winds easing later. Sunday and Monday will be fine with lighter winds and some bright spells. Mild.