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Mr Wheeler

output("We love Computer Science!")

I am Mr Wheeler. I teach Computer science, Maths and Design and Technology but as with most people, I do other things too. I love fixing things, the older the better, especially interested in wooden items, watches and clocks. I enjoy cycling, fishing and eating fine foods.

I am also interested in reducing my own use of plastics as much as is practicable. I have to admit that most of the tec that I use is using copious amounts of plastic, but I almost alway buy the best second hand that I can afford so that it extends the use of these plastics as much as possible.

I like old stuff! and I find I am able to use older items in place of a lot of modern items. Over the years I have come to find that things were built to a far higher quality in the past and still out classes modern things. I could go on for hours about how I have replaced most of my power tools with old hand tools that were been thrown out. Once you learn how to sharpen blades properly, then even my wooden hand plane out classes my old worn out power plane!

So what about computer science and my apparent Ludditism? Well, most of computer science was invented in the victorian era with the likes of George Bool, Charlse Babbage, Ada Lovelace and the rest over 80 years ago with the likes of Turing and Von Numann!